mergrim - Intersect Landscape…

1. Beautiful Corruption (m-koda remix)
2. Soft' n Poetry (no.9 remix)
3. Arch (go-qualia Chemistry of a dream and a spring breeze mix)
4. Senkyou (moshimoss Hidden Valley Reshape)
5. Step Of The Flakes (cokiyu remix)
6. Shdwgrph *Grain (Ametsub remix)
7. Ideal That Fade Out (lycoriscoris remix)
8. Absentminded Drowsiness (Geskia! remix)
9. Noir Noir (miaou remix)
10. Dry Aesthetic (agraph remix)
11. Beautiful Corruption (DJ SODEYAMA remix)
1. intro
2. Beautiful Corruption
3. Soft' n Poetry
4. Arch
5. Senkyou
6. Step Of The Flakes
7. Rsty Grd
8. qoooo
9. tenn
10. aonibi
11. Shdwgrph *Grain
12. noir noir

moph records x liquid note records mcd-008(LNR-017)
Release: 14th November 2012
Note: Remix album for mergrim release, “Invisible Landscape…”

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