V.A. - Songs Of Twilight

1. Ametsub “Snowy Lava”
2. Serph “Whim (new mastering version)”
3. Sooner “Sparking Swallow”
4. Caelum “Apoptosis”
5. Ametsub “Winter Dusk (exclusive ver.)”
6. FourColor “Rowboat (with Piana)”
7. Flica “F”
8. Miaou “Hello World”
9. Lowriders “Deluxe Chrome Yellow”
10. Epic45 “The Stars In Spring”
11. SUSUMU YOKOTA “Love Tendrilises”
12. Matryoshka “Niedola”
13. Aleph-1 “1 C B 6002”
14. Aspidistrafly “Common Colors In The Air”

p*dis (PDIP-6507)
Released: March 2010
Notes: p*dis’s twilight themed compilation
Features track “Hello World”

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